First Concisions Jamaicans First Hospital Types of Houses Clubs


The English people constructed theirs own houses over a concrete columns, diminishing the landslide risk. However in the strong raining the houses plunged headlong., the owners should notified to the correspond department, which was responsible to put wooden stakes for sep the house strong.

House Equipment
The houses of first class was equipped with completes bathrooms, a shower bath, hands clean and imported inodorous. They had warm water, water reservoir and gas kitchen. Some of the house was completely furnished.

The service of not salt water (sweet water), the domestic gas, and the salt water (for the inodorous) was transported by pipes.

The light was of 220 volts, being Ancón the first city of Ecuador that used this type of electricity, in the same way that was the first that transported gas to the houses by pipe.

Types of houses
For lodging the big quantity of workers, the company needed different types of houses. So we have the following types:

The Casinos
Mix structures (buildings of cement and wood) of 2 floors, for workers, nurses and teachers without family, divided on suites, furnished, and high level of bathrooms.

The Duplex
Houses habited by two families, designed in one side and independent departments medium furnished.

The Canchones
Construction’ s blocks with 10 little departments each one, for workers from de section C with theirs families. In the beginning that ha Bathrooms, showers bath and community kitchen.

Among the wards of Ancón we can mentioned the followings: Guayaquil, Manabí, Alausí, Ambato and Latacunga, Otavalo, Eloy Alfaro, Barrio de la Policia, Barrio Unión, Central and Bellavista, Barrio Velasco Ibarra, Nuevos Barrios.