First Concisions Jamaicans First Hospital Types of Houses Clubs


Ancon had the following clubs:

Situated in front of the central park. This has a library, an act room (with scenery and conferences) bar, dining room, sessions’ room and the administration’s office.

At the back of the place is situated a coliseum, basketball court, softball, badminton, botches and ring the box. Among the salon games, table tennis and dance.

Theirs more important parties were the carnival, the queen choose and the institutional anniversary. Both include a party, animated by the meanly orchestra from Guayaquil.

The national club had a theater group that was directed by a socio.


The ¨Club Unión¨ had an acts salon, prosaic, library, office, bar-restaurant and a Germany piano (like other clubs), Also have tennis, bolos court and another the botches.

The social and cultural acts of the ¨Club Unión¨ were recognized inside and outside of the Peninsula. The dance called "Baile de la Piñata" (august 30th), a funny dance take a place in the age, also the championship internals and internationals, where participate sportsman of another cities.

1929 British West Indies Club
Constituted in August 10th 1929, when the president was Mr. De Grass, for the members of the Jamaica Community, this club put in an important place the social activities. The British West Indies Club’s parties were so enjoyed, especially in the institutional anniversary and in the queen’s birthday, where the people were full-dress. For those parties they enjoyed famous orchestra and did not admit white people.

1950 Club Amazonas
The Club was integrated by the workers from the wards of Alausí and Velasco Ibarra, their building was a social headquarters constructed by the company, where theirs founders members conformed sport groups gaining a lot of victories in the Península.

Theirs headquarters had to move on between the wards of Velasco and Riobamba, by the effort of all the members that reconstructed the building in the other place. BY the effort realized the company gave all the necessary for the normal development.