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In 1928, the hard winter introduced a cold summer, where a plague of fleas invaded the camp.

Trying to eliminate the plague it was ordered an area’s fumigation, when the Bubonic pest have appeared in the place, taking victims.

The company had a sanitary medic unit that resulted not enough for controlling the situation, and they had to ask for help to the Guayaquil healthiness.

When the epidemic was superadded, the healthiness controls were bigger and was disposed the construction of the First Big hospital, where was integrated the section for attending the national and foreign people that was separated in two different places.

The Ancón’s Hospital, began to give service in December 1928, conforming by the following sections:

A: For foreign people and national employees de first class.

B: for workers and artisans.

C: Dentistry.

The mean doctor and health department’s director figured the Canadian Dr. David R. Grant. The second responsible del Hospitable center was the Dr. Samuel Campozano, the first galean- Ecuadorian incorporated to the doctor’s staff in the camp in 1927.