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Ecuador did not have enough Scientifics opinions, and not an appropriate legislation with the petroleum; it has been done concisions in those aspects.

In Ecuador there is not a professional in the hirocarburífera subject, a Colombian citizen called Manuel Guillermo Mier, who get that the ¨Convención Nacional Constituyente¨(Nacional constituent convention), met in Ambato in1878, issued an special decree, giving to him exclusives rights for the exploitations of bituminous substances from de wells of the la Península for 20 years by the mane of the company G. Mier y Cia.

The English
Since 1882, the company "THE CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICAN CABLE COMPANY", made the lying of the submarine cable, was very common to see the English people in the Península de Santa Elena.

The first English companies, which began the work in the area, were: "ECUADOR OILFIELDS LTD." And the "ECUADOR DRILLING COMPANY LTD."

After, in 1910, on Londres the "ECUADOR DRILLING COMPANY" created the "THE ANCON OIL COMPANY" and "ECUADOR LIMITED (TAOCL)".