First Concisions Jamaicans First Hospital Types of Houses Clubs


People from Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados, 30 of them approximately; take part of the black community established on the camp. Some of them worked on the construction of railway Guayaquil - Salinas".

Some of them arose with theirs families, and the singles formed theirs families with women of the place. Everybody spoke English; for theirs socials and cultural founded the club "BRITISH WEST INDIES".

Among 1940 to 1950 Ancón changed the camps by a model city, with painted house of white and greens details: beautiful gardens and parks.

There were a lot of silence, the order, the cleanliness and the ambulant sellers kept neat.

During 1950 to 1960 the Ancón’s population increased considerably, new opportunities of job appeared, refinery’s derives and the port movement.

The gentile of the Ancón’s population is ¨ANCONENSE¨